Raised in the wilds of suburban Orange County, CA, at a vital time in the development of the region’s identity, the Disgruntler was held prisoner upon the sudden and unexpected takeover by hostile conservative forces, shortly after the first tenure of Governor Jerry Brown.    Escaping to the Great Sprawling City to the north when released from mandatory institutionalization, she became a part of what was soon to be known as the Decline of Western Civilization, albeit about 5 years too late, but no matter.

Her 15 Minutes having come and long gone with a brief wave of adoration for her role as Patricia in Gregg Araki’s gay teen angst film, Totally F***ed Up, The Disgruntler currently resides in the Ever-Changing City of Fog, Burritos & Hipsters, grand matriarch of a family of misanthropes.  She likes long walks on the freezing fucking cold beach, watching old racist movies, and world peace.  Oh, that’s not a thing yet?  Well let me know when we get that, I want to “like” it on Facebook.

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